Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Palestine and Israel - Is It Really a "Too Complicated" "Conflict"?

Of the many expressions that are being used to deviate from the truth, there are those two I detest the most: "Israel-Gaza Conflict" and the issue in Gaza is "too complicated"

A Conflict that is Too Complicated is a mask the world is using to hide the crimes, the injustice, the oppression and the bullying power of Israel and Zionists. Don't be fooled.

"Conflict". A conflict is something you experience at work when you and a colleague present two different opinions to solve a matter. It is something you experience when your landlord wants to increase your rent. It is when two things don't make sense together. While I see some logic in the last possible interpretation that Palestine and Israel don't make sense together (Is it Palestine or is it Israel? Confusing because how can two countries be established on the same land?) and can't co-exist (why give part of your land to your occupier?), the use of the term "conflict" to describe the current situation in Gaza, downplays the terrorism of the apartheid state of Israel. 
For people not aware of the subject it creates the impression that both parties are responsible for what's happening there, it implies an equal responsibility. When they hear that two parties are in conflict, then their moral obligation to democracy and liberty puts them in a neutral stand, which is a disaster in situations of injustice. It is not a conflict, it is a brutal and a criminal war of ethnic cleansing and massive destruction that Israel has launched on Palestine in Gaza, with the objective of killing the resistance of an occupied nation. It is a war that started to collectively punish the people of Gaza for a crime Hamas didn't commit in the first place. It is a war where Israel murders civilians, targets children, where Israel shells playgrounds, UN schools, hospitals and mosques, and where Israel destroys houses, annihilates families, and contaminates water and terminates electricity. It is a war in which Israel violates the laws of wars
The numbers and the nature of the victims on both sides are a clear indication of how unequal this war is; the numbers as of 4/August/2014 are:

- Israeli military fatalities has reached 63 and some sources talk about additional 3 civilians.

- Palestinian victims according to Gaza's Ministry of Health:
Deaths: 1,865 – 429 children, 243 women 18-60 years, 79 persons over 60 years
Injuries: 9,536 – 2,877 children, 1,853 women 18-60 years, 347 over 60 years.
ICU: 153 patients
The other expression "too complicated" is another story. It is set to intimidate, again the unaware of the situation, by painting the war as a complicated matter that is difficult to comprehend and reach its roots and origins. It is not a complicated matter, never mind "too" complicated. 

It is too simple. Palestine is an occupied country and its resistance is justified and necessary to end its occupation. Its occupier is the Zionist state of Israel which is backed by the USA and Europe because its leaders have an enormous financial and political power. The occupation of Palestine was facilitated by Britain in 1917 through Balfour Declaration. This promise which was made by someone who does not own, to someone who does not deserve, gave a minority of Atheist Jews the right to establish a Jewish State in Palestine. The highlight here is the fact that the Jews who were promised the land didn't believe in the Holy Torah and its teachings, nonetheless, they created the biblical story that this was their promised land and that they deserved it because they were Jewish.

Real Jews, who oppose this promise and who reject Zionism, have been vocal that what Zionist Israel have been doing in the name of Judaism is against the Holy Torah and its commandments. 
The Holy Torah and Quran tell the same story about Jews. The Holy Land was given to the Jewish people on the condition that they observe the Torah and its commandments. When they failed to do this, their sovereignty over the land was taken from them, and they went into exile. From that time, they are prohibited by the Torah with a very grave prohibition to establish a Jewish independent sovereignty in the Holy Land or anywhere throughout the world. Rather, they are obligated to be loyal to the nations under whose protection they dwell.

Giving this a religious dimension and justification is necessary only because Israel is a state that is built on a religious claim. For those not interested in the religious dimension, the humanitarian dimension is logical enough. When a state is occupied and when people are oppressed they have the right to defend themselves  and to fight their occupier for freedom and independence. This is exactly what Palestine has been and will be doing.

So, how "complicated" is this "conflict"? 

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